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Painting with coffee offers unique character with organic texture and color.

Painting with coffee offers unique character with organic texture and color.

Why I Paint with Coffee?

When I started exhibiting coffee paintings in shows I observed repeated reactions that I grabbed my attention. Once people realized that I was using "real" coffee to paint with something new opened in their minds. When I heard "Oh, I wish I could do that."  I began to realize that - they could paint. They were too afraid to believe they could. My next question was scary "Oh, do you paint?" and the immediate reply was always a shameful "No, I'm terrible or I can't even draw a straight line." Next question was "Do you drink coffee?" Oh, yes, I love it." It was then that I bagan to see the possibility of their own creativity being released. People are not afraid of coffee because it is not paint. This discovery is what continues to make my Coffee Painting Workshops a success. People quickly let go of their long-held beliefs and begin to paint without even realizing what has happened.
Marin Independent Journal Article.

Another way to look at it. My visual world is my personal still-life.

 I believe creative expression should be comfortable for everyone —  just for fun.  It is my belief that anyone who has an appreciation for Art or Nature is touched by something special within them and they can express it with painting.

I have always been driven by a desire to explore more than meets the eye. Painting and drawing help me express and reflect my version of my surroundings. Each painting or drawing reflects how I see something that is usually very familiar. This process allows me to see more. I love the expression "The more you paint, the more you see" and I  welcome new perspectives. They fuel and express my personal growth. I have been drawing and painting trees for most of my life and continue to see something new and inspirational each time I look at them. Trees never seem to be the same and offer endless inspiration.

    So you think you can't paint!  Are you holding your creativity hostage?

    The participants in my first workshop (May 2014) didn't really believe that they could "make art" but they were willing to show up and give it a shot. I asked each person to bring a shot of espresso and I believed that if they were willing to give it a try they were going to see in a matter of an hour that they could express themselves with painting. It worked for them and that confirmed my belief. I continue planning coffee painting workshops.