EV Lounge | San Anselmo, California

Get a Grip is the coffee painting that sold.

Get a Grip is the coffee painting that sold.

The  Coffee, Oil & Water exhibit was well attended and received. Excitement was added to the evening as the sun went down and continuous slides were projected on the back wall displaying works from all three artists. The slide show added variety because it included a lot of artwork that was not in the show.

The EV Lounge is a unique showroom for art and we are happy to see it become an available space for more artists in San Anselmo. We "three" have been friends and San Anselmo artists for nearly two decades.The show was a fun celebration for all of us.

Eileen Ormiston & Nancy Cicchetti

Eileen Ormiston & Nancy Cicchetti

And, I sold a painting - Get a Grip.

I continue to be amazed by how fascinated people are about painting with coffee. It looks like there will be a coffee painting workshop at EV Lounge in the future.

The image to the right shows a painting being displayed in the  slide show by Nancy Cicchetti. At first glance it looks like Eileen is holding it up with her right hand. That's just an unexpected illusion- but it gives one the idea of how effective the slide show was during the event.

Painting with coffee in San Anselmo

Painting for the first time. Our Hostess!

Painting for the first time. Our Hostess!

Each time there is a new coffee painting workshop it gets better and last week was no exception. There is a special creativity available in the air when I teach in private homes. There were six friends and they had all know each other for decades. Four had never painted before and didn't think the could. My point continues to be "Yes, you can!" and they did. It was a matter of minutes before the room became silent and they were all lost in their art. That's when I say "Do you realize you are painting?" When coffee becomes the Paint it is "safe."

" This is so relaxing "  I hear this often and that's what Creativity provides for busy minds.

"This is so relaxing"  I hear this often and that's what Creativity provides for busy minds.

And, a few days later I got this text from the hostess.
"Hi Nancy, just wanted to tell you I had lovely cards and text from everyone thanking me for such a lovely day you are so wonderful and so organized everyone just loved you thanks again."

New Coffee Paintings

Going out  - with myself.
It appears that I can't get very far away from bare trees and big sunflowers. There is always something new to pull me in. Whew!!!

Branching Out

Branching Out

Giant Sunflower

Giant Sunflower

Social Artists

We must begin to help people, citizens and leaders alike, to bring new mind to bear upon social change. In this way it is hoped that we can rise to the challenge of our times and ferry ourselves across the dangerous abyss that separates a dying era from a 'borning' one.

The work of Social Artistry is evolving and open-ended, striving to provide a dynamic balance between inner understanding and outward expression. The Social Artist is one who brings the focus, perspective, skill training, tireless dedication and fresh vision of the artist to the social arena. Thus the Social Artist's medium is the human community. She or he seeks innovative solutions to troubling conditions, is a lifelong learner ever hungry for insights, skills, imaginative ideas and deeper understanding of present-day issues.

Social Artistry is a new profession whose craft could be said to be that of conscious evolution. We are living in the time of a choice point for an acceleration of the evolutionary or devolutionary process. As either the neurons or the cancer of the planet, we are now conscious of the tremendous responsibility that is ours: the capacity to direct enhancement or the destruction of ourselves, the earth, and all its creatures and forms. This new profession addresses the training of people who agree to this challenge and who have the maturity, initiative and vision as well as a passion for making a difference in the whole domain of human affairs. It requires considerable courage for what is being formed is possibly a movement as profound as it is outreaching in its implications for proactive social evolution.

Creatful Art Studio- San Rafael

New classroom, new students and new success. We loved the privacy and being surrounded by four walls of creative inspiration. There are tempting art supplies everywhere you look. But, we were all able to just stick to painting with coffee. Creatful Art Studio

Creatful Art Studio in San Rafael offers a special inspiration because of the hanging art on the walls.

RileyStreet Art Supply - painting with coffee- Success

RielyStreet Art Supply is now my favorite venue for my coffee painting classes. The store environment creates so much inspiration and the staff is quickly a part of it all. Bente Mirow, the store manager, posted the event on the RileyStreet Facebook page. check it out Here. 

Painting leaves with coffee.

Painting leaves with coffee.

Coffee painting works for beginners and advanced artists.

Coffee painting works for beginners and advanced artists.

RileyStreet Art Supply - Next Coffee Painting class

It all starts with one strong cup of coffee, a paint brush and a piece of watercolor paper.

It all starts with one strong cup of coffee, a paint brush and a piece of watercolor paper.

Next Coffee Painting Workshop
Wednesday November 30th    2:00pm - 4:00pm

New Location!!!
RileyStreet Art Supply

4th St, San Rafael, CA
Cost is $45.  
Class time is 2 hours. - Includes all supplies.

This will be the first time for a class to be taught in an Art Store. What a perfect and inspiring environment to explore your creativity. Jump to the Coffee Workshop page for more information.
Visit RileyStreet for more inspiration and art supplies.

Coffee Painting Workshop October 19th

New to painting? Don't think it's possible. The student above needed to reconsider the things that had been stopping her from having fun with her creativity.

New to painting? Don't think it's possible. The student above needed to reconsider the things that had been stopping her from having fun with her creativity.

Artworks Downtown Class Description
Wednesday October 19th  3:30pm - 5:30pm
Cost is $45. - includes all supplies.  
Class time is 2 hours.
ArtWorks Downtown
1337 4th St, San Rafael, CA
Space is limited to ensure one-on-one attention


This will be the first Classroom workshop this year and the room provides lots of room to spread out and get creative. How to paint with coffee is becoming easier and easier as former students return to the workshop at a special discounted price.

Wake Up to Coffee

Rolling into the Autumn two with Hot Coffee workshops held in the first month. These gatherings took place in the home of Eileen Ormiston. There was a mix of beginners and well seasoned painters. Clearly something new and inspirationalawakened everyone. More proof for me that there is something about painting with coffee that puts in into a new Comfort Zone. Beginners are encouraged because they realize that they really can paint and those more advanced are surprised by the new possibilities that coffee brings to their palette. 

Eileen is an established watercolor painter eileenormiston.com and will continue to make her home available for future workshops. Meanwhile, the next workshop will be held at Artworks Downtown in San Rafael on Wednesday October 5th.

House Coffee painting workshop in the home of Eileen Ormiston was fun and inspirational.

Coffee Painting Workshop

If you can paint a stick figure you can paint a tree.

If you can paint a stick figure you can paint a tree.

Here it comes...The next coffee painting workshop will be held July 27th 2016 in a private home in San Anselmo. There will be a maximum of four people participating in the 2 hour workshop. The spaces will fill quickly so get on it if you want to be included. The cost is $45 and all supplies and refreshments will be provided.

More information about the Coffee Workshops can be found here.


Coffee Painting Success

My coffee painting, Curiosity, was accepted and will be shown in a Silent Auction Exhibition at Art Works Downtown.  A Night at the Casa Azul

The week before it will be included in San Rafael's 2nd Friday Art Walk. September 11, 2015 • 5-8pm
This is fun and just what I seemed to need to get back into my groove. It's exciting to still be connected and involved with ArtWorks Downtown. It's where I had my first opportunity to get my feet wet and has taken me to places I didn't dream of. Now I am anxious to arrange for my next Coffee Painting Workshop.

Coffee Painter's websites

Victor Hugo  Octopus with the initials V.H  1866

Victor Hugo
Octopus with the initials V.H 1866

Artists have been painting with coffee for centuries. Here's a short list of current coffee painters I have located.

Please let me know of others I can add to the list..

So, you think you can't paint.

It's surprising how many people are fascinated with the idea of painting with coffee. I continue to enjoy hearing  their comments and questions because I believe if they are drawn to a painting there is something within them that is triggering the potential within them that could be expressed. So many people who love art are afraid of even talking about it — much less ever trying it for themselves. This is unfortunate because Art is not limited to a "chosen few" or to create "masterpieces." Coffee seems to provide an unexpected comfort zone and people are willing to give it a try. That's why I call it User-Friendly. 

 I'm watching "wannabes" getting their feet wet with coffee. My Coffee Painting Workshops. provide an easy first step to test the waters.  I can add a little hand-holding when doubt gets in the way of their progress. My success rate is currently 100% because every one who has attended one of my workshops has walked away with a painting — their painting. 

The winner is Squarespace

Website Design with different  platforms

I think one of the key strengths of Squarespace is the customer support provided. At this point I have spent a lot of time comparing Squarespace and WordPress.org. At my low point I gave up on both of them and just figured I'd never design websites again. But, I couldn't leave it alone because there is such a need for custom websites to be designed for artists. Artists need to showcase their work on a website that actually reflects their creativity. If they want to be involved in the design and ongoing maintenance Squarespace is affordable and user friendly.  I'm on the finishing touches of my first Squarespace  website. The Art of Coffee.

The links below are to websites I have designed with various platforms

Don't cry over Spilt coffee

These coffee cartoons quickly show how coffee can be used with many different methods of artist expression.Beautiful color and depth in a simple Splat.

Coffee Cartoons

I was quoted earlier this year in the Marin Independent Journal "There’s something about coffee. I mean, you could practically spill it on the paper and make something out of it. It’s easier than watercolors because you only have one color."  I love hearing about  french cartoon artist. Stefan Kuhnigk  His website is in french but his cartoon art is universally whimsical.  His drawings are based on coffee stains. This way of drawing came to him one day when he made a spot unintentionally, and looking at it, he saw a baby monster, he took his pencil and gave free rein to his imagination, and since then it's became one of his passions.

List of Coffee Painters