Don't cry over Spilt coffee

These coffee cartoons quickly show how coffee can be used with many different methods of artist expression.Beautiful color and depth in a simple Splat.

Coffee Cartoons

I was quoted earlier this year in the Marin Independent Journal "There’s something about coffee. I mean, you could practically spill it on the paper and make something out of it. It’s easier than watercolors because you only have one color."  I love hearing about  french cartoon artist. Stefan Kuhnigk  His website is in french but his cartoon art is universally whimsical.  His drawings are based on coffee stains. This way of drawing came to him one day when he made a spot unintentionally, and looking at it, he saw a baby monster, he took his pencil and gave free rein to his imagination, and since then it's became one of his passions.

List of Coffee Painters